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Early music ensemble "Drolls".

The ensemble was founded in October 1999 in Petrozavodsk, Karelia, and in April 2008 they released their seventh album (you can find information about albums and listen some of the tracks here).

Till 2008 the only field of activity of the ensemble was western European music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, but in April they released a unique album called "Lyudi Vesely" (Holy People), and it is quite different from what they did before. The main characters of the album are "skomorokhi" - Russian performers of oral, musical and dramatic pieces in medieval times. Their activity was widely reflected in literature, art masterpieces and historical documents. The written texts of the songs were preserved but the music wasn't. And Drolls tried to reconstruct this music using true historic texts and samples of folk music.

They also have a medieval play called "Carmina Burana". It is based on the collection of music and poetry items taken from the masterpiece of Carmina Burana dating from the 13th century. The action takes place in the medieval tavern where its visitors solve acute problems while drinking ale.

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